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Originally Posted by Sly Dog View Post
As a fellow newbie I appreciated reading about your experiences. I just tried TBC this weekend and had a good result, I think. I havenít tried turning without bushings yet - mainly because I feel the bushings, even if slightly imperfect, let me know when Iím getting close to final OD. I do heed Leeís advice and measure the bushings and pen fittings with calipers before starting, and then stop to measure the blank frequently. Some material turns so easily and fast that Iím afraid I will overturn with no bushings there to slow me down.

Looking forward to more from you as time goes on.


A possible approach is to use bushings until you get close to correct size ... say within 0.005" of final size ... and then remove the bushings and do TBC ... without any bushings ... for the final light cuts to finished size ... with the use of calipers, of course.
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