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VERY Good! I am keeping a copy of this link to refer to it in the future when other newbies come along and have questions!

AS to your standard bushings causing problem on TBC: If you take time to measure them, it seems like commercial store bushings are manufactured to about .01" tolerance, rather than .001" or better. AND on some commercial ones, the holes are off center. I measure the commercial bushings with calipers and find about 25% off center by a smidgen - to visibly off. Check your bushings with calipers and measure the hole from 4 different sides. I'll bet that two opposing sides will be off.

You said you are a perfectionist, and you think and observe and use deductive reasoning skills in looking for solutions. Many just follow instructions, and if they hit it dead on the first time, they will be lost later when it doesn't work out the next time in a similar situation. You will be able to help because you have been there and you wrote it down!

You wrote out things that experienced people have done so many times that they (we) take it for granted and often overlook as the problem - and forget where they come from.

THANKS for writing this up!
Hank Lee

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