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I can't see any problem with doing an informal swap like this between 2 members at a purely arbitrary time of mutual convenience. . It would indeed be a lot of fun and a good way to get to know another member a little better. . You could even challenge each other with an idea you might have for a pen .. an idea you haven't yourself got the time or resources to implement, and perhaps the other person thinks that he/she could handle. . If you didn't want to, you need not even show pictures after completion of the exchange, but of course it would attract interest if you did.

As you would know, we do have competitive contests twice a year (the February BASH in celebration of the IAP's Birthday, and the August Summer Extravaganza in celebration of "whatever"). . I think what you are suggesting would be totally non-competitive. . I would say you should give it a try. . If you advertise your desire for a swap of this kind you could get more takers than you really need, so, to avoid that, you could arrange it through private messaging of one form or another with a partner that you select (by whatever criteria). . I say "go for it".
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