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Originally Posted by JakePWM View Post
Thank you all for the feedback. I supposed my question should of been “how do you use a table saw safely to make thin accurate cuts” in which case it seems that a sled is best. I will do some looking into those. My primary concern with the table saw is that it hasn’t been taken care of very well over the years and could use some TLC and a new blade.

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That is the start of things. Get it back to shape and get yourself a nice Freud thin kerf 60 tooth blade and dive in. There are so many examples of good looking and good working sleds on the net. Everyone tweaks them just enough to suit their needs but bottom line is hold down clamps and tall enough fence to keep the fingers away from the blade. I use my tablesaw almost every day I am working in the shop and would be lost if I did not have one. My switch just went on me yesterday so I need to replace that after over 30 years of use.
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