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There are two versions of the 10" Turncrafter Commander lathe. One has an array of pulleys, and allows selection of five fixed speeds from 650 to 3000 r/min. It's listed (new) for around $350, but can be found on sale for as low as $250. The other has two pulleys, and electronic variable speed that allows the speed to be adjusted infinitely over both a high and low speed range (the exact ranges can be tweaked using potentiometers on the speed control circuit board), and the price (new) is listed at around $430.

These lathes are made in China, so the pricing of new units is subject to tariff considerations.

$200 might be a reasonable price for a used variable speed model in good condition, but it would be excessive for a used multi-speed model.

Either is basically a good lathe when new, so the issue is what is the condition of the used lathe. In addition to obvious issues, check the condition of the belts (Penn State does sell replacements), and also listen carefully for signs of bearing problems. Both have plastic indexing wheels, and it's easy for teeth to become broken if the indexing feature is misused as a spindle lock. Obviously, bearings and indexing wheels can be replaced. With the variable speed unit, check that the speed varies in uniformly as the control knob is rotated.
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