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Originally Posted by JakePWM View Post

What are most of you using to cutdown the wood into the patterns you make? I have an older 10inch craftsman table saw but I feel like Iím destined to lose a finger or two trying to get the wood thin enough.

Should I look into a bandsaw? Or are there better options?



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You ask the question of what are you using to do segmenting work. Well I have a shop full of tools and know how to use them safely and efficiently and each tool can play a roll in my rendition of segmenting pen blanks because that is what it seems we are talking about. I have no fear of my tools but do respect them and use all safety measure that I feel necessary to get an operation done. These methods suit my needs and comfort levels.

My point here everyone is different and everyone has certain tools to work with in their shop. Everyone has a different comfort level of using these tools. So no one person can tell you what tool to use. We make suggestions but again it is what we do and use.

Basically the 2 tools to cut and slice wood for segmenting is a tablesaw or bandsaw. The bandsaw if more about saving material because of the thinner blade. All tools in a shop can and will hurt you if not properly used. The adapting of sleds to do some of the procedures is always a good thing if constructed well and thought out. They will help keep the fingers and hands further away from the blades and can make cuts much more accurate. If you have good blades and keep sharp you can probably get away with out doing alot of sanding. They do have many companies that sell all dimensions of woods and other materials so that maybe an option. All tools need to be tuned properly to give them maximum use.

I can not give you a specific tool because I use them all. Now if you have more direct questions on how to do something I would be able to help you more. Good luck and work safely.
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