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When the fear of losing a digit is the number one criteria of a person, then the bandsaw seems to be the saw of choice - but it too can cut off a digit just as quickly. Bandsaws do not have the kickback that circular motion saws have.

For those who have considerable experience and are totally focused on where their fingers are at all times, a table saw with sled is the saw of choice. When cutting smaller parts and segments, smoothness becomes an issue and a TS is a requirement.

Look for a thin kerf blade and make a sled. Sleds with hold downs take some of the danger out.

Several years ago, I made my own Byrnes type of saw from a circular saw and made a sled within a sled in which I could cut to better than .01 accuracy repeatedly.

Circular saws/Table saws such as Byrnes is necessary when making laminates as BS will make smooth cuts but in laminates, the grain cut will show up. Thickness sanders can sand the cut marks out but that becomes much more work.

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