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Originally Posted by Lucky2 View Post
Hey guys, he didn't mention anything about buying a pen from him, all he was inferring was that he wanted us to check out his site and work. You know, sometimes I wonder about these types of sites. To me, it just seems that there's always someone ready to jump on another person's posting without completely understanding what the OP was asking. Maybe someone here, can explain why it has to be this way? Why can't a person ask the OP what they mean or want, instead of posting a negative comment like is normally done? Yes, in this instance the OP could have worded his posting so it was better understood what he wanted. But he probably would have explained what he wanted, if he had been asked. I'm happy to see that he has made another posting on the issue, thankfully, he didn't get discouraged and leave the site. So please, think before making a negative posting. Or, if you don't completely understand what an OP is asking. Then ask for some clarification, of what it is that is being asked. Personally, I think if this was done more often, that there wouldn't be so much negativity.

Very well said Len.
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