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Sand through - as others have mentioned! You can see the sand through on the grain in the photos.

Get some calipers! Calipers can help in many ways. Measure your thickness, Add the finish and measure again. Sand and measure again.

The problem many cases is faulty logic that says: If so many coats are added, then there will be a good build up of CA. WRONG. Applying CA with paper towel will add 90% of the CA to the PT and 10% to the blank. One can add 50 coats and if the coats are thin enough, there is little build up - to which sandpaper will sand the minuscule of build up off. The ONLY way of knowing for sure is to measure with calipers before applying CA and again after adding CA, and again after sanding.

The raised grain as has been mentioned comes about from 1. moisture, 2. from wood movement, and/or 3. from the soft grain being sanded quicker than the harder grain, leaving the harder grain sticking up by .001 or .002 above the softer in-between grain.
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