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If you are going to do poly, why not try some lacquer. Gives a deeper shine and works great on wood.
I don't have any. Lol I planned on getting some of that also to compare finishes and see what I like.
You will be amazed at the difference. Lacquer is thinner than poly so you may need to build but the great thing about lacquer is it will melt into the last coat unlike poly where it just lays on top and that is why many times it needs a tooth to adhere well and sanding is required between coats.

Again all this stuff comes down to what you are looking for and everyone has their own tastes and desires when it comes to finish. No right and wrong here. If experimenting make notes of what you are doing so that you can duplicate the results if need be. Also remember not all woods finish the same way. Open grained woods, oily woods, closed grained woods and so on all play a role. have fun.
Yes sir! I'm actually doing another one but this time got me a can deft lacquer. I'm using wenge wood and it seems a little pourus. When I use poly on anything, I sand with 1000 grit after each coat. Did the same with the shellac and plan on doing it with the lacquer. I do it just in case there's something too small for me to feel or see. Lol Luckily, the lacquer does dry about half the time of poly. We'll see how it does. Time doesn't bother me too much using poly and so far I like the finish I got with the poly. Hopefully the lacquer will turn out as good.

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