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Originally Posted by gdub View Post
I purchased all my turning tools and lathe from a college student that was moving overseas to Glasgow a year or 2 ago.
He turned shaving brushes on the side so some wood and finishes came with the deal.

Renaissance polish was included and I'm curious what ya'll think about it. Do you ever use it? If so, whats your application process?
I don't see it mentioned much around here..... I'm curious
Use to be the next best thing since sliced bread. I still use it and many high quality makers use it. It will add a shine and will (suppose to) protect against finger prints. But like any friction polish it does wear off. Usually used for sales to make pens sparkle and shine. Can add to metal parts so no problem there. Wipe on let sit a couple minutes and wipe with a polishing rag. never buff kit components on a buffer. You have been warned!!!
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