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Originally Posted by wizard View Post
It's been a quite while since I have been on the site and

just saw your post. I am just so very very happy and grateful that you are recovering. Your post in itself is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Please take care of yourself. Bless all of the family and physicians that supported and continued to support you n your road back to health.

Warmest Regards,

Thank you Doc for your support and well wishes, I like you have not been on the site, as much as I would like, but it is all getting better, every day.
But I wish there was a switch I could flick, and retrieve from the file in my head, the word or name I want to say or type.
So frustrating I can't even use a Thesaurus or Dictionary to get an alternate word.
Still Evelyn, my wife is getting some laughs from what I ask her, when you cannot say the name of an everyday item, such as Washing Machine, Lawn Mower, and to get help, I have to give a short story to explain, like "what you put your dirty clothes in".
But I am like the man with no shoes, however I am aware of those men without feet.
My TIA could have easily been the real thing, and I thank God that it wasn't.
Again than Doc for your Friendship, you continue to be an inspiration with all you do, for those who need it.
Kindest regards,

Originally Posted by RobS View Post

Wishing you well with your recovery. Your kind comments have always motivated me and others. It sounds like you have aphasia, and although it is an extreme pain in the tail, I'm very glad you are alive and kicking.

Thank you Rob, for your kind remarks and wishes. I hadn't considered Aphasia, as the MRI showed, some old damage in the area that controls verbal recall, and I am getting better a little at a time.
I share your joy and I am "Very Glad I am alive and Kicking"
Kindest regards,
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