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When you MM it, are you doing this while it is turning on the lathe? If so, and you did use DNA, moisture in the wood can and will come out.

4 things I see in this that could possible affect the cloudy outcome.

1. you are in Australia in August, winter, highs close to 70 (20C), lows upper 40's (10- 12C) Cloudiness occurs more in humidity climates than dry. I see that your humidity is swinging from around 50%. Not bad. But Cooler weather - 70-75F/23-20C and below affects cloudiness more than when 80F/25-26C and above.

2. When MM'ing on the lathe with it turning, it heats up the CA. The heat on the CA from the friction of turning will draw any moisture in the wood to it, and you will have cloudiness. The cooler the temp, OR the higher the humidity the more susceptible clouding becomes.

This is all a moving target with humidity swings and temperature swings and it can change from day to day.

3. IS the burl wood oily wood by any chance? Oily sap may be vaporizing.

4. DNA cleans oil but often adds moisture into the wood. Not all of DNA will always evaporate, some penetrates and stays in the wood. After using DNA on a wood blank, I will use a paper towel on it while it is turning to heat it up. This "heating" dissipate the DNA moisture that soaked into the wood.
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