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Originally Posted by Sprung View Post
Certainly cheaper than EWT, but a great option for a good carbide tool, is John at NC Woodturning Tools. He has a subforum here: NC Woodturning Tools - International Association of Penturners

More than half of my carbide tools are from him. I bought the bars and made my own handles. If you don't want to turn your own handles, he does sell some handles as well.

I've used both EWT cutters and the ones that John sells. The ones that John sells work just as well as the EWT ones for a fraction of the price.
I'll second that. John's work is great. My only regret is buying the square shafts, but I was new. Doing it now i'd go to the round as i'm usually between 30 and 45 degrees in presentation anyway. Also--I don't know where he gets his carbide, but it seems to be sharper and stay sharper than another vendor whose tools I respect.
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