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Lida and I had quite the adventure yesterday. We went canoeing and fishing on the Tye River. We are very much novices when it comes to canoeing in rapids. This was my second time and Lida’s first. This river was more challenging than my first river. Lida started out being paddling challenged and often did the opposite of what I ask her to do. Only a good marriage of 36 years will withstand this type of activity. I kept my cool for the most part and only told her to “just stop paddling” a few times and that was only when we were entering some tricky sections. She did help run us onto the rocks a few times. Once I had to get out to get us off a rock and she ended up going down the river leaving me canoeless in the middle of a bunch of rapids and rocks. I managed to escape with my life and largely in tact. Lida improved quite a bit as we went on and I thought we had gotten a handle on things. And then we came up on a big drop, I took the exact same line as the canoe in front of us who made it through unscathed and we ran bow first smack into a rock at the bottom of the drop. In an instant we were sideways and flipped over. I am a sinker and Lida is a floater. She continued through the center of the rapids skinning her knee on a rock. I ended up on my feet with two paddles and a fishing rod in my hands, I have no idea how that happened. But I was left in a predicament, how to get through the rapids. Very uneven footing in very fast water. After bumping into and tripping over numerous rocks, I managed to get out with a sore shoulder, toe and thumb. Lida also jammed a digit and we are trying to out complain each other. We managed the rest of the trip without incident. Despite our mishaps, we had a lot of fun, saw some ospreys, a bald eagle and a blue heron.
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