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Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
Iíve been working on some type of burl, not exactly sure what type but have made a couple of other pens with it that had no problems but on this one which is a slimline Iíve had all sorts of dramas, namely fogging in the CA finish. So I turned the pen and applied the CA finish, looked ok MMd and on the final step, it started fogging. So I stripped it back to bare wood applied DNA 3 times, applied the CA and the fogging appeared in the same spots, this time in other areas as well. Stripped it again, this time I tried drying with Acetone, reapplied CA, same result with the fogging. Stripped again, dried with Accelerator, rereapplied CA, same result. I donít often give up, but this time I just went for EEE and Shellawax finish, the finish lasted just a few handlings and now looks pretty ordinary. My first instinct says that thereís moisture in the timber but Iíve had it for a while and used it on other pens eg JR gent with no problems. Ca is fresh somrule that out, tried applying it at night and middle of day so well rule that out, humidity not a consideration either so what does that leave, as I canít stand the pen the way it is now. There are spots that the CA just doesnít want to adhere to, although it was adhering better on my first attempt using the CA.
Not sure I followed all you did but, if you striped the wax off and tried CA again it is possible that the wax is now in the pores of the wood and thus not allowing the CA to adhere to those spots and being a slimline the wood is very thin so sanding down past this is probably out of the question. Would suggest a solid finish such as polyurethane. Or go back to wax.

As far as cloudy that is probably moisture. You did not say if you wet sand your MM and I bet you do and that is where you are picking up moisture. Again the amount of coats can have an effect on water penetration as well as if the ends of the blank are not sealed they will wick up moisture and get under the CA. This is my best educated guess. Always seal the ends of a wood blank before MM especially wet sanding.
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