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PayPal Friends & Family (f & f) has no fees if using either a PayPal balance or direct debit from a linked checking or savings account--otherwise the sender/buyer pays the fees. Below is a quote from a respected member who has organized several group purchases:
"Several members and organizers have asked PayPal regarding the use of "Friends and Family" payment option. And it is OK in their eyes and has been each time they were contacted. The "Friends and Family" payment method has no fees for the recipient, thus saving you money."

The time was taken to check with PayPal, and the answer is above--especially important since the purchase ultimately flowed to a retailer. So, the question of integrity to the PayPal system has become a moot point to me. I buy off-cuts from a few furniture makers around the US who actually prefer to invoice and pay the seller's fees as it allow them to single-click for shipping. For most of my purchases on here, I have faith in the seller, who is a fellow hobbyist, and it has never resulted in an adverse transaction--so no need for ME to question the integrity of our members.

For "for sale" postings I don't have a comfortable feel for--or that seem too complex for me (90 items to select one at a time--I don't want to work that hard!!), I simply pass on the opportunity. But that's my choice, and the feelings of others may vary. I guess the "market" will ultimately dictate its own terms--with or without my criticism.

My views, your mileage may vary.
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