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Originally Posted by jttheclockman View Post
TC, you do not say what size skew you are using or I missed it. But the smaller the skew the more chance of heal or toe of tool will catch. Happens alot with 1/2" skews or miniature tools.

Usually with pens the diameter of the cylinder is very small so catches should be rare. I keep the tool rest below center enough so that when I present tool to project it is at center for cutting but the butt end of the tool is well below center. I lift the back of the tool to start cutting. Rub the bevel and start lifting and if tool is sharp it will cut nicely. In other words I am angling up not straight across. I cut with the center of the tool. I found if I keep tool in line with blank it can push forward and grab and thus chip outs. Keep tool steady at all times and do not let it roll one way or other. Straight across with your body following the cut not just your hands. Doing it my way the shearing is less stressful. But again being able to control the tool with both hands is key. You need to be able to ride your finger along the tool rest and the top of the tool rest can not have nicks and gouges in it or the skew will tilt on you when you hit them. Need to watch some videos of others doing this and then practice.

how to make a shearing cut with a skew chisel - Bing video
JT, I use a 1 inch skew and a 1/2 inch skew. I don't get catches when I use it in a planing mode, only when I use it in light scraping mode.
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