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We don't have a scraper at the center for the blind and use a little half inch skew to do exactly what you are describing. I put the rest as close as i can get it and at such a height that the blade of the skew is at the middle of the blank. Holding the skew absolutely level, as though it were a carbide tool, you can plane out tool marks from the pen blank, swinging the handle as needed to follow the shape of the pen. We also use it for shaping beads. I make a V cut with the tip of the skew then place it flat on the rest and swing the handle until the point of the skew goes into the V cut. Turn it over and swing it the other way. This is the most fool proof way I've found for my blind turners to shape beads.

Mark observed us using a skew this way when he was here last week.
Sharon in Phoenix

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