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Default Diabetic Supplies

Have you noticed the sudden drop in the cost of diabetic supplies? Test strips that used to cost over $50 a box are now going for about $12. Syringes are also cheaper, costing about $12 a hundred. Insulin is still sky high, but at least the cost of supplies is down. My husband is on a DEXCOM contnuous glucose monitor that he wears 24/7. (Medicare finally covers them, thank goodness.) They come with a package of 50 test strips, but sometimes he runs out before he gets the new shipment, so I am going to Sam's Club to get a package to act as a backup if he runs out. I was expecting a box of 50 to cost at least $50 for the Next meter. But Amazon has them for $12.99 prime, so I expect Sam's to be pretty close to that.

Easy Touch strips are less than $9. (That is the one I use. I'm hypoglycemic and test if I'm feeling low.)

Hopefully, insulin will eventually come down, too. He is in the donut hole now, and we are paying through the nose.
Sharon in Phoenix

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