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I also use my 3/4" skew on its side to take a CA finish that is too thick down to a closer size ready for sanding. I find I get the best results with the skew freshly sharpened straight off the grinder, when it has been touched up with the fine diamond lap, it doesn't seem to work as well for this job. I think the grinder might leave a more jagged edge at microscopic level which helps to cut/scrape the CA with less pressure, or perhaps it does leave a slight burr, once touched up with the diamond lap, it refines the edge too much and it loses whatever the edge straight off the grinder has.
I don't have to resort to the skew very often, as I take my blanks down to 0.1 - 0.2mm (.004" -.008" )undersize, and as I am putting the coats of CA on, I measure with my callipers, to build up the finish to no more than 0.2mm ( .008" ) oversize, which can be sanded down to size fairly quickly with fresh 400 W&D.
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