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I may be doing it all wrong, and someone please correct me if I am. For pen turning (which is the only thing I turn in addition to an occasional bottle stopper), I use a skew to achieve a shearing cut whether I am turning wood, mixed materials, M3, Truestone etc.. I am especially more mindful of the shearing cut during my final passes (right before sanding). While this method may take a longer time to remove material, I thought ( after reading, watching dozens of paid-for, and free videos) that the trade-offs were fewer tool marks, less radial scratches, and a less need for sanding. I don't doubt that in the right hands (certainly not mine) tha all of above can be accomplished with a rusty, flathead screwdriver, but am I mistaken as to skews and shearing (not pealing cuts)? I don't mind being wrong; I do mind continuing to be wrong. Please let me know.
Remember, I am not saying that a skew cannot be used for these other cuts. Thank you.
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