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I will admit that I am more likely to get excited before I look at a thread when I see certain names. When Wizzard, skiprat, Brooks803, manupropria, jalbert, yourself when in SOP and the like post, I know I'll see something great. I get surprised now and then when someone I don't know posts a pen without a catchy title that reveals a pen that is well executed and is of simple materials like a pretty wood that just makes the eye happy. Too often I see pens that are trying to do too much and be different by combining everything into a blank. You know the ones, metal foil, watch parts, jewels, segmented, 30 colour cast resin and gold filled fossilised mouse teeth all on one pen.

So pens that have a well executed restrained beauty appeal to me the most. I can appreciate the work that people put into their pen but that doesn't mean I will like it. I didn't vote because I fall into the some of all the above group.
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