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Its a dance. You need to learn to work your two hands together. Many times the type of tool rest can present a problem or its shape or design. You want to control the angle of the tool at all times. Think of using a straight razor on your face. The blade has to stay at a certain angle or else it digs into the skin. The angle of the blade has to glide across the face. You have the heel and toe on the razor as you do on a skew. You do not want either of those to get near the face or the pen blank because bad things happen.

The left hand steadys the skew and you finger guides it across the tool rest. Some tool rests allow for a better comfort position for the finger. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find that right rest. I tried the standard rest that come with a jet lathe and got rid of that right away. then tried the round bar and just could not control my tools well because the finger can roll all around the rest. I found my perfect rest when I went to the Robust tool rest. Very comfortable.

The right had pushes the blade or tool across the blank. Your thumb and forefinger on left hand work to keep the angle and depth correct. Many utube videos out there so do some searching and you may find some guidance. The skew is the best tool in the lathe tool box.
John T.
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