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Russ Fairfield, who passed away a few years ago wrote in the following link:
Which requires the least sanding?

Originally Posted by RussFairfield:
What is always left out of any comparison of tool finishes is the wood. All things being equal, shear scraping can leave a better surface finish than a skew chisel on the very hard dense and close grained species, but it can't come anywhere close on everything else.

If you really want to see the extreme differences, try using a both scraper and skew on Cocobolo, Blackwood, or Desert Ironwood. You will find that the scraper might be the better tool for these very hard species. At the opposite extreme, the scraper will be a disaster on a soft wood like Douglas Fir or Pine, while a sharp skew can leave a smooth clean cut and polished surface that doesn't need sanding.
(Bold emphasis mine)

A couple of weeks ago, I received some old print outs of lathe tools, and covered in it was skews, sharpness, and grind angles. I have always had a problem with skews. I have had DVDs and viewed youtubes, still can't get the handle of it. Then I changed the angle of the grind a bit and I did several pieces with no problem; next I changed the angle of the grind to just a tad more acute. Bad move. It was difficult again.

Reading what you did - you are using the skew (laying flat) as a negative rake scraper. At this point, the level of the tool rest (in combination with the skew being presented level) also affects its effectiveness. I have several scrapers (not negative rake) just for smoothing CA. This is probably a procedure that you alone must figure out what works best for you.
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