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I am getting some poll numbers and thank you for this. I want to try to explain something. When I included the fact that I was going back into the shop to work on projects for my shows it meant nothing about making pens for sale. It was just a point that got me into thinking about pens again. I have been away from making pens or anything for that matter for some time. I come here now and then and always check out the pens for show and try to see the ones that do not make that forum and go right into someones's album if I catch the photo on home page.

Got me into thinking what does everyone like to look at when they look for new pens. There are basic styles as I mentioned that are put in general catagories. I agree with Skip and others about Craftsmanship but that can be applied to all styles of pens and it can show up. But maybe there is no straight answer to this or maybe I do not know how to ask the question. Certain pen styles gets me excited to see and that is segmenting and yes segmenting and combining casting. I like looking at free style pens and they are always interesting but you do not see enough of them here to get worked up about. I like looking at wood and acrylic pens but to me there is no real thought or craftsmanship in them. But that is me and my example and everyone is different so that is the reason for the poll. Does this make everyone go out and now create certain styles of pens, of course not. But hopefully it gives people an idea if you want to make that special WOW pen you have an idea what other pen turners like to look for.

Thanks again.
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