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Default What type pens do like to look at???

Probably by the end of this month I should be finished with some projects so I hope to return to shop and work on some projects for my shows this winter. Included should be some pens. I am curious what the masses think here.

What type pens get your WOW factor jumping??? We see many different hand made pens shown here and many fabulous creators of them have shared them.

I am posting a poll and will show results last week in July. I am looking for general opinions and has nothing to do with type of kits or no kits used, how it was finished or not finished. Not what I am after. Basically blanks. one vote per person because there has to be one particular type that hits it out of the park. I realize all depends on the finished product most times but forget the finished product just the style. Do not mention names of past pens shown or artisans. You can comment if you choose and maybe make other suggestions in case I forgot a style. Maybe want to give a little detail about your selection such as segmenting--- use of woods, acrylics, metals or any combinations.

No right or wrong answers here just a fun survey. Maybe some good can come out of it. Have fun. Thanks for playing along.

I can not change the poll but thought of something. Laser or cnc created blanks. That can be another category separate from segmenting. If you choose this then specify it in a comment. Thanks again.
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