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It was a real pleasure having Mark here today. Here is a bit about the people in the pictures.

The two people turning today were Trevor, who is completely blind and was turning his first pen, and Deana, who is a trainer in training, going to be one of our assistant trainers.

Lori is my "good right hand." She is great with the beginning turners. She is so patient and calm with them. They come in saying "I don't know if I can do this" and go out asking "when can I do this again." She and Trevor made a beautiful African Sumac slimline for his first pen, and we put his son's name on it with the laser.

Tony is a more experienced trainee, and he and another trainee will be opening another training day in September. Right now we only have trainers enough to turn two days a week.

Deana was making a letter opener today. We went over cutting, drilling, tubing and milling the blank before she turned it. It was an olive blank that had a good sized crack that she filled with crushed turquoise. Normally when a turner comes in to turn, the blanks are all prepared and ready to turn, but with the trainees, they have to prep their blanks before they turn. Deana has problems with bright lights, and was having trouble with her dark glasses fogging up under the goggles. So she was turning with dark safety glasses.

Mark is always a joy to have visit and I hope he will come again. I'll put him to work!
Sharon in Phoenix

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