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Default Visit with Sharon-Arizona Center for the Blind

In preparation to assist in the future with some of the penturning clubs at Centers for the Blind and Visually Impaired, I ventured to be a fly on the wall watching Sharon, get oriented with this manner of instruction, review safety protocol and get some hands-on turning practice blindfolded with a mentor assisting.

Background: I have worked with Folks with Visual challenges many years ago as a Therapist at the Cleveland Society for the Blind, so I did have a headstart.

This is also an update to the thriving woodturning/penturning sessions that Sharon has spearheaded in Phoenix, Arizona. Penturning is alive and well in this town!

Note: Yes, the last picture is of me. And yes, safety protocol/goggles/faceshield was omitted to allow you to see that I was being oriented as a blindfolded turner. This was simply for these pictures. Also, these pictures were after I had instruction with an assistant guiding the position of my hands and gouge. At that time he could not take pictures because, well, his hands were assisting mine!
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