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5 feet long is big for a copperhead. Usually they're fat but not long. I've shot several who were nesting in my wife's tomatoes. You really don't want to run into the juveniles.

I was turning a bowl once and a black racer crawled across the wall (3 feet above the ground) right behind my lathe. I put my tools down, stopped the lathe, and tried to grab it, but the snake had already gotten behind a cabinet. I resumed turning, and saw the snake again. Then it crawled across the wall a third time. At that point, I realized that each time, the snake was a different size. It wasn't one black racer, it was three.

It turned out that there was a copperhead nest in my shop and the black racers were after them. Later that evening, I went back out to my shop with my brother-in-law. He chased the copperheads out from under a shelving unit with a stick to where I was waiting (in tall boots) with a shovel. I chopped their heads off and gave the skins to a friend to tan. I made him a pen from the skin.

Snakes don't like sulfur. When I had a snakes in my greenhouse, I sprinkled sulfur powder around the foundation and that kept them out. You can buy it expensively as Ortho Snake-B-Gone, or cheaply as bulk sulfur powder at home improvement stores.

I hope that helps,
Eric Rasmussen
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