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Originally Posted by Wildman View Post
Think angle finders for measuring what bevel angle came with the tool very helpful information. Lets you look before you leap into wasting steel! If the factory bevel works try to maintain it. Found that's true for spindle gouges, parting tools, bedan, and skews. Bowl gouge and scrapers bevel angles more about bowl design.

Doc Green wrote very short article on the subject, guess he read same Wood magazine tip on makng an angle finder using two protractors!

Bevel Gauge
I agree about getting an angle finder. I got mine from Home Depot for $10 and it works great for this purpose.

I disagree about manufacturer angles. Different manufactures produce the tools with different angles and just because it 'works' doesnít mean itís a good angle and getting you the best cut. It is a good idea to know what it is as a starting reference but you should still try different bevels. My only tools that I think I left at about the manufacturer angle are my bedan and parting tool. Everything else I changed, even my roughing gouge.

As an example, I had a student just this morning. One tool we covered was the skew. He was happy with how he was doing with it so I asked him to show me. He did a planing cut to show me what he could do. I then gave him my skew that had a much different bevel and I changed the height of the tool rest. He couldnít believe the difference and immediately wanted to reshape his skew.

Some experimenting, even if we think everything is OK, is worth the effort.
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