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Originally Posted by Charlie_W View Post
I am with you on very much disliking those slithering serpents. My shop used to be at my parents place which was in a wooded area. I carried a .38 revolver with shot shells......and used it a few times....most effective! Found one of those buggers in the shop behind the radial arm saw .....Bang...
Since you & I live pretty much in the same area, you have to be familiar with Copperheads. Nasty bastids. No warning whatsoever.
They just hit you like a Mack truck.

About 40 years ago, my dad & I built a metal shed. He built a wood platform to put it on. After 10 years or so, I stepped thru the floor & saw a nest of Copperheads. 2 large ones & about a dozen babies. I ran in the house & got my .38 loaded with shotshells. I proceeded to unload all of it into the floor.

I got them all, but my Dad was pissed about the holes in the floor.

A month later, I shot another one laying on the ledge of the shed with a hollow point. I blew its head off, and put a 12" hole thru the back wall of the shed doing it. Dad was super pissed off about that, but when I showed him the 5' long Copperhead I took out, he didn't mind too much.

That snake was a monster Copperhead.

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