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Originally Posted by TattooedTurner View Post
Thanks for the info. We’re expecting eain this weekend so I may look into that depending on how this unit works.

Originally Posted by TellicoTurning View Post
Being in Arizona, when monsoon season hits, it won't be much good.... too much moisture already in the air.... go with the AC... less maintenance more cooling. The year we lived in Tucson, we had dual cooling.... swamp coolers for when the humidity was really low and AC for during the monsoon season.
I’ve thought about that and should get a chance to see if it works at all this weekend. If it goes the way I think, it’s back to the drawing board with an a/c unit. I like the idea of dual cooling though, this unit costs a lot less to run than an a/c with the exception of monsoon season, the climate is perfect for an evaporative cooler.
There is a website called

that gives good forecasts for humidity and dewpoint for the area right at your address. It has been very accurate for us. If you click on the plus sign at the right of a date, then on the "more details" button, it gives a very thorough forecast including humidity and dewpoint with a slider for time of day. Great little website.
Sharon in Phoenix

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