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Default Stabilizing Redwood

I recently found some reclaimed Redwood that was salvaged out of an old cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I've always heard that Redwood takes a long time to stabilize. I'm hoping someone can shed a bit of light on what I experienced when stabilizing these pieces with Cactus Juice.
First off this wood was bone dry. I put around 9 pieces of the wood in my vacuum chamber, filled it up with the juice and turned on my vacuum pump. For about the first hour or so it bubbled up pretty hard then it calmed down to a steady stream of bubbles that I knew wouldn't cause any trouble. Now comes the interesting part. After 12 hours the bubbles continued at full vacuum. As I live off grid I let the blanks sit in the juice overnight after shutting off the vacuum pump and releasing the pressure in the chamber. Next day I turned the vacuum pump back on and the bubbles continued, not a small amount of bubbles but a pretty good grouping. I did this every day for 4 days (48 hours) until I got zero bubbles out of the blanks. The blanks were always covered with at least 2 inches of juice during this process and were never exposed to any air. Has anyone else had an experience like this in the past? Also, with Redwood is it common for the juice to pick up pigment during the stabilizing process? My Cactus Juice now has a red tint to it and I'm wondering if this tint will transfer to any other wood I might stabilize.
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