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Originally Posted by Charlie_W View Post
Iím glad your son is safe.
Beautiful pc blanks!
Thank you so much Charlie, it certainly was a scare.

Originally Posted by rsieracki View Post
very nice,, unfortunately the ones i want are sold out on exotic blanks already.. i look forward to more
Thank you so much, message me which ones you were after and I can recreate something similar, no two will be exact, but using same cane work so very similar. I'll be sending a new batch in on Monday.

Originally Posted by mark james View Post
Glad the events ended fine. Yes, useful distraction can be helpful, but the emotions are still very hard to work through. Be well.
Thank you Mark, yes we are very fortunate, my little guy certainly had someone watching over him that day. As parents do their mind wanders a million miles an hour about the what if's. It's haunted me since he was 2 when he first wandered and we have kept such a close eye on him, but the school had never seen him even attempt to wander, so they took him off a 1 to 1 para and had him on a 1 to 3 and she was attending one of the other kids. Scary stuff. Thankfully they are back on a 1 to 1 now. One day at a time.
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