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Default Sharing something successful

If you are a woodworker in addition to a pen turner and have some tools, try these cutting boards - they sell very well. You need several species of wood with colors that please you. Look at mine or visit Etsy or eBay to get ideas. True your table saw with an engineer’s square to 90 degrees. Joint the pieces if you can. Make your joints very tight and use TiteBond 3 glue. Plane and/or drum sand flush. Sand well to 220-320 after 1/4” round over routing. Use Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner as the only finish - no staining! Mine are 12” x 11” and as thick as I can get after everything is flush and smooth. I start with 4/4 wood.

Expect to sell them quickly. I have made 10 and have one left. As you can see (if you tilt your head, I have 8 more in process.
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