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My lathe calls for a 20w light machine oil for surfaces. My lathe doesn't have an oil filled gearbox.This weight oil apparently doesn't exist or isn't common anymore in that nomenclature.

After many conversations with oil people, I found someone that offered some help. He suggested an AW68 oil. There is also an AV68 oil, but that is different. AV68 is for vacuum pumps, AW68 is hydraulic oil. But has anti-wear additives that make it good for flat surfaces. That, according to the oil rep, is the better way to go.

My local John Deere equipment sells it by the gallon under the Hy Gard name. The local NAPA has it by the 5 gallon pail. It's used in some farm equipment.

The gallon of it was about $15 and will likely last me several years. Hopefully, this will help someone.
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