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Originally Posted by Howdy Jan View Post
I vote for the cooler, you’ll use it every day. New tools would be nice, but would you use them every day? Maybe. But go for the comfort of having a cooler shop.
You made a great point, which is why I’m sitting here with a cigar and the new cooler blowing!

Originally Posted by leehljp View Post
What he^ said, plus you might make money by turning more pens.
I’ve thought about that. It’s feasible that the work I’m able to do this summer with the cooler may sell well enough to make up for the cost of the unit.

Originally Posted by thawkins87 View Post
I've started contemplating one of these "chilled water vests" to stay cool in my garage shop during the summer... haven't pulled the trigger yet as they're relatively expensive and I have no idea how well they work..
The kids at the Chick Filet here that walk up to the cars to take the orders wear them. One would work, but I want to bring the ambient temp down so I can hook my ipad up to my shop stereo speakers and rock out! It gets way too hot even at 90F.

Originally Posted by PatrickR View Post
I worked in a shop that had an evaporation cooler. A huge fan that you hooked a water line to. Big, noisy, uses a lot of water, drives the RH way up and requires maintenance. For a wood shop AC would be my preference.
An a/c is my first choice but unfortunately it’s not doable. I have no window for a unit and I’ve never tried a portable that could get the job done, and I’ve tried a few.

Thanks for the comments/advice. Obviously I bought one today. My shop is ~450sf. This unit is rated up to 850sf. It’s currently 104F outside and a chilly 91F inside with the temp dropping every time I look at it. The unit has been running for just over 30min and it’s starting to feel pretty nice in here, relatively speaking. I can see me getting a lot done with this thing, I’m glad I took the plunge. I’m sure it will be more efficient when I’m not starting it up at the hottest time of the day too.

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