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We have tried various versions of the vests for our guys when I worked in a steel mill.

The ones that all agreed worked the best had a 6-pack size cooler with a small battery operated pump built into the lid that would would circulate the water from ice in the cooler through the vest. The cumbersome part was the cooler. Some guys would plug into it, recycle the vest water, unplug and work for a while. Others would station the cooler where they could keep it plugged in. Varied by what you were doing.

Others preferred the vests with the water or gel tubes that you through in the freezer then inserted into sleeves in the vest. With extra tubes in the freezer to change out, this eliminated packing the cooler around but required you to stop and go to the freezer to change out tubes.

The very best were cooling suits hooked up to plant air. Except for dragging around a compressor hose.

Cost: ice vests $$, vest with cooler $$$, plant air suit $$$$

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