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I have tools that I have never used and I have a few bowl (spindle) tools and gouges that I want to try. I bought the Grizzly wet slow grinder 3 or 4 years ago and used it initially for sharpening the already used tools. That worked great, but when I needed to bring my dozen or so unused tools to shape, I discovered the drawback to the Grizzly - needing a full day dedicated to nothing but grinding. Disciplined people will do this. (OK, I confess, I have been lazy.) I now have two CBN wheels, and bringing to shape will be fairly quick. JimB reminded me to use LIGHT touches with the CBN, so I will practice and experiment with that.

That brings me to the fact that I need to use my other tools. I think that by starting off with pen turning, we ("I") tend to not use a lot of tools, and as a result miss out on some great experiences and chances to expand our (my) skill levels.
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