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Originally Posted by Bob in SF View Post
A quartet of cell biology researcher friends approached me to make them a set of pens reflecting their work on RNA. Here they are with a few little thoughts:

No one knows what pRNA (penRNA) looks like or actually does.
The three primary classes of RNA are messenger, ribosomal, and transfer; so pRNA likely straddles messenger since pens make messages and transfer since they transfer information.
RNA is a single helix, and I told them this is good because I'd just run out of deoxyribose resin, but still had ribose resin on hand (and they were glad to hear it).
Besides, I'm only doing single helix work right now because it brings back fond memories of childhood haircuts at the barber shop; sitting on a couple of phone books, mesmerized by the slowly rotating barber pole, etc.
I also explained that I'll substitute flakes for RNA polymerases (and they were OK with that).
I further explained that it may be years before we fully understand the actual structure and function of pRNA (they agreed, and were ready to go with this first model).
I emphasized that as a father of 3 daughters, I hoped that this would also celebrate the unsung work and creative scientific adventurism of Rosalind Franklin, a true mother of the helices working with Watson and Crick (they got it).
They like the pens.
They've forgiven my science jive and encourage further study:

Happy Monday to all - and celebrate your RNA (maybe take it out to lunch) - Bob

After working at the USC Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology for almost twenty years and teaching HS and college biology for 40 years, it was familiar music in your write up. I like the pens too; lucky researchers to have such beautiful writing art.
Mark Mayo
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