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Originally Posted by jttheclockman View Post
1. I looked at your diagram a couple times and have to say I do not understand it at all. I can not for the life of me figure out where the stock goes and where the jig portion goes.

2. I am looking at the tracks and looks like you have the stock up against the track which is a no-no.

3. I know I am missing something but if you are using this as a plan to make these for sale better plans with better detail are needed.

4.Would like to see something with more detail and description if possible. Show where the blade is in relation to things. Show a blank on the jig.

5. Cutting blanks to length does not require special sleds. Just a miter gauge.
Thanks for your input.

1. That is what I need to hear. This is a preliminary concept diagram.

2. I don't understand why that is a no-no.

3. This is a preliminary drawing which will progress as I get more feedback.

4. I will post some pictures when I get it built in different configurations.

5. Perhaps true but I wanted a single sled that would do all my cuts and using a sled is safer than using a miter gauge. My sled has hold downs so your fingers are not close to the blade.
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