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Originally Posted by TonyL View Post
1. The only thing I don't see, but may very well be there are two zero clearance rails that fit snugly into the groves of my saw table.

2. I also added a block of wood that is attached to the rear fence that serves as somewhat of a safety.
Thanks for your input.

1.My specs call for two Incra 18" adjustable rails. This version of the drawing didn't show them but the newest version does. I would add adjustment access holes in the sled base for adjusting.

2. Good point. I thought about the safety block but 90, 60, 45, and 30 cuts are made in the middle of the sled so the blade never gets to the back fence. The only cut that doesn't is 0 blank width trimming. So I could add a notch in that jig to bring the working area back in the middle of the sled or add a safety block.
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