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Excellent information, and VERY MUCH appreciated.

I want the operation to be a simple as possible, with a little "hardware" as possible. I'd like to avoid the pressure and/or vacuum steps if I can.

I'm slow, and I work slow. I don't mind taking my time to mix and color and pour. We had very good results with our 'slow processing' some years ago, and managed to cast a lot of blanks with very little bubble problems.

One process I read is to use a torch to heat the mix, but with alcohol dyes that might be chancy... but I could warm the parts somehow in a small container... have to noodle and test.

I am still open to discussion, and currently assembling the tools and parts I will need. I do want to try making my own silicone molds so that I can minimize the quantity of the components (wood and casting materials).

The resulting pendants I want to make will be roughly 1" x 2" or in that vicinity... small and light, but the cast has to be slightly tinted but absolutely crystal clear.

Thanks again for all the input, and keep it coming. Remember that I am S.L.O.W... so it may be a while before I start mixing and casting. I will show steps and progress pictures when I begin... we love our pictures, don't we!!
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