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Default A holiday weekend's work

I took advantage of the long weekend to "Play" a bit instead of work on orders. These are the results:
1. A very classy pen made from imitation ivory resin and black acrylic. This was a new imitation ivory I got a few weeks ago and was anxious to try. It looks great, but is quite brittle, so I had to use acrylic for the parts that were threaded or took any substantial stress. I really love how this turned out. It has a nice shapely body, and feels great to use.

2. A chunky, curvy sort of pen made from a purple/blue swirled acrylic. There isn't anything really out of the ordinary about this one. I really love the shape, and it has a fancy clip. I often times will put a nice clip on a rather plain pen just for a neat effect.

3. A syringe filler in vintage "gray lizard" cellulose acetate. This is something I had been wanting to do for a long time: Use all vintage material (minus the black acrylic parts), use a unique filling system, and use a fancier nib. This is a small pen (as far as most customs go). The cap diameter is about 13.5mm, and the body is 11.5mm at the threads. The materials comes in a tube form, so I used black acrylic for the end pieces and the section. The clip is made from nickel silver, as is the cap band. In trying to stay true to tradition, the cap band was swaged on rather than tenoned on, which was something I had wanted to try out, and it worked beautifully. The nib is a Pelikan 205 nib.
Thanks for looking!
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