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I like using lacquer on many of my turnings not just pens. Have brushed, dipped, wiped, on or sprayed. Started out using Deft, but big box stores around here don't carry it so have switched to whatever brushing lacquer brand available.

When brushing on lacquer don't always thin just don't load up the brush with too much lacquer and apply with single pass.

Wipe on merely thin lacquer to 60% with 40% lacquer thinner. I don't use any oil. If need sanding sealer due to species of wood will use 50/50 mix of lacquer & thnner for first or second coat. I don't buy commerical sanding sealer.

Spray can most expensive but easy and fastest method of application if don't get runs.

Dipping is the slowest method but really easy; do see the library for best techniques. Use this method when making lot of pens at one time. I will let dipped blanks (pen barrels) set over night before dipping again. Made rack, to hang blanks so excess lacquer can drip onto old newpaper. Use a separate can for dipping and not quart can lacquer came.

JMHO, lacquer is very forgiven finish but looks great.
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