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Originally Posted by randyrls View Post
Most banks have online notifications. I have mine set to send me a text message on my cell phone for any debit transactions on my checking/debit or credit card. I usually get the notifications within about 10 minutes of my use of the card.
This is definitely a good idea. I have it set up and usually get the text message before I sign at the register, within seconds of scanning my card. While you're at it, also check the phone numbers, names and addresses associated with your account. One time I found an unusual phone number on my account, now I check that pretty regularly.

Originally Posted by JimB View Post
We do not let our bank issue us a debit/ATM card. It is strictly an ATM card for the exact reasons you mention. Most people donít realize they can get a card that is only an ATM card because banks automatically issue Debit/ATM cards.
Thanks for the info Jim, I didn't know this was a thing, will definitely check it out!
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