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Default Credit cards

I was told by my bank, credit union, that when using the debit card use only as a credit card. If you use as a credit card, and it's stolen, you have no liability for any charges made against your card that are not yours. If you use as a debit card and somebody gets your pin #, they can remove every dollar from your checking and maybe savings account also, depending on how it is set up. You will then have to hire a lawyer and go through the legal system to recover your money. The credit card company may or may not help you recover your money.
My credit card numbers have been stolen several time and have never had a problem getting my money back. Usually 24 hours or less. A new credit card arrives a couple weeks later
I think it all boils down to DO NOT USE A DEBIT CARD! Only use at your bank or someplace you are very comfortable with and feel safe.

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