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Maybe it's just me but I wouldnít use that jig the way it is. I would not be comfortable having my fingers that close to the blade. But that is just me. There is also the possibility that the jig could move and run the blade into the angle iron (or your fingers).

You already have a tool that is made to knock corners off... your lathe. I watched the video and honestly I can knock off the corners much, much faster on my lathe then he did in the video. A sharp tool and turning up the lathe speed is all it takes.
A small clamp on the jig and a push stick. Viola.
No jig, no clamp, no push stick. Just my lathe and it will be done faster than you can say 'Viola'... OK, maybe a little longer...5 seconds.
That's great for you. Maybe you've never turned, say, a segmented pen with grain running both directions, and a big chunk of cross grain black palm? Try turning that down to round in "5 seconds" and let me know how it goes.
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