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Originally Posted by Jeremymc98 View Post
Here's a pic of what happened after a 2 weeks or just sitting
Did you add or apply the wax/polish on it before applying CA? Did you put BLO on it before CA? BLO doesn't usually do that but if it is put on and not "burnished" in before adding CA, that "could" happen.

That looks like CA "lift" that occurs on the ends of some finished "oily wood" blanks. That also happens when CA is just as thick on the bushing as on the blank, then when separating the bushing from the blank, the breaking off of the bushing causes the lifting, and it happens more on oily blanks. This is because the CA doesn't stick well to unprepared oily blanks. The Mallee is not that oily in my experience.

Another question: Did you put denatured alcohol on it? Did you do this in cold or humid weather?

Did you have it sitting on a desk in which sunlight came in and shined on it for a few hours at a time, probably over a few days? That is another possibility and sunlight even in a cool room does strange things to wood under glass or protectants.

Sorry for the questions, just trying to find a connection for that.
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